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Locate Suitable Lawschools!

Locate Perfect Law schools!

Adlaw offers an interactive online CRM solution for Law colleges through a secure way to manage their administration. With Adlaw one can perform effective administration, academic management and e-learning program of Law Schools. It allows keeping record of students, teachers, team members, documents, DSR, Courses and batches etc. Through CRM you can includes college profile filled with all the details of college, agenda, schedule for a particular event, Exams, Viva, team members detail and To-dos etc. Course and Batch Management feature offered by Adlaw is designed for law colleges where you can manage batch of students and courses what you are providing.

Apart of features for Law Schools, Adlaw has a lot for the students of Law schools. Student can keep the record of their school’s study program. The alumni group of students with the current students can make the real time difference through Adlaw.

Students can access it from anywhere, share information and extract historical information into analytics records which helps in improvised study environment and smooth functioning of the Law institute.

We make your work more easy and efficient with our professional approach that too with ECO FRIENDLY TECHNIQUES SAVING PAPER AND TREES.

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